Sunday, June 01, 2008

Herefordshire Holiday

I'm back home from a relaxing week near Leominster, having finally got around to spending some time in a county I've been fond of for some time. Herefordshire was always somewhere on the way from Lancashire to South Wales, a journey I've made more than a few times. It always looked like a lovely place to spend a bit of time, so I finally bit the bullet and sorted out a week there.
Unfortunately the weather has been grim, curtailing a lot of the plans I had for getting out into the countryside. Still, I did manage a few walks with Farley and a bit of geocaching too.
The main thing that struck me about Herefordshire was just how green it was. The whole county was lush, especially the orchards that give the place its reputation. Speaking of orchards I sampled more than my fair share of excellent cider, the best of which came from Olivers Cider and Dunkertons - in fact the 2004 Vintage Dunkertons was the best cider I've tasted in a long time.
Our accommodation was the marvellously comfortable Walnut Tree Cottage in Brierley, which deserves it's four star rating. They even welcome pets, which made this even more of a good find.
So, now it's only a few short hours and back to work on Monday. Ah, those post holiday blues!

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