Friday, July 11, 2008

Rain stops play

I'm at a bit of a loose end this weekend. I was meant to be walking the Sandstone Trail from Frodsham to Whitchurch over two days. The plan was to camp half way along the route, have Michelle drop me off at the start on Saturday morning and pick me up from the finish on Sunday night. In the meantime it would be the hound and me with two days to potter through the lovely Cheshire countryside.
That was until I noticed the weather forecast earlier this week. After the torrential rain on Wednesday and the sunshine and showers we'd had for the rest of the week I didn't hold out much hope for the weekend and, sure enough, the long range forecast was grim.
So, I cancelled the campsite and made alternative plans. Now I check the weather forecast and see... yes, sunshine.
Sometimes I hate the British climate. No matter, there's plenty to do in the garden, though it'll probably still rain...

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