Monday, December 31, 2012

A bit of festive cheer!

Two weeks ago I made a blog entry which caused a lot of friends and family members to shed a few tears, for which I apologise! I really appreciate all the kind messages we received following the difficult decision of saying goodbye to Farley, including those posted on this blog. Though the pain is still quite fresh, things are beginning to get back to some level of normality; or at least the sort of sozzled, overfed lazy normality of the festive period.

So, with 2013 nearly upon us I thought I'd post some happier photos of the Christmas break to maybe give those of you who read this blog the opportunity to smile a little. We've had a decent break, and more importantly Meredith has had a fantastic birthday, a magical Christmas and an exciting trip to see her grandparents for Hogmanay!

Father Christmas brought Meredith exactly what she had asked for... amazing how he always manages to come up trumps, isn't it...

Here she is trying out her new scooter... a Tinker Bell one, to be precise.

She also had a cracking Christmas dinner - washed down with pretend wine (apple juice, for the uninitiated)

However, very little is better for an excited four year old than the appearance of a massive box of sweets.

Here's hoping everyone we know and love has a Happy New Year, and a bright and prosperous 2013.

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Anonymous said...

Farley will always be in your hearts mike, much love to you all for the new year

Regards tuff cookie