Wednesday, April 23, 2008

How does my garden grow?

At the weekend I planted my vegetable patch for the coming season. It's not particularly large, but then I'm not the most adept gardener in the world and am a firm believer in not overreaching my horticultural abilities.
After a couple of summers of seeing tomatoes rotting on the vine I have decided not to bother this year, and so will concentrate on the things that grew well in last summer's garden. Carrots, radishes and peas have been planted alongside the rhubarb crown and raspberry canes. I've also sown the seeds for climbing courgettes and little winter squashes, whose first appearance is expected in the conservatory next week. A little ambitious perhaps, but what the heck!
The final inhabitants of the vegetable patch are two minarette fruit trees, one apple and one plum, which I'm hoping will fruit this year but, realistically, next year might be more likely.
Hopefully there will be a slightly warmer, slightly drier summer ahead which will make everything grow big and strong. Then I can post photos of my gardening triumphs on this blog and feel all smug and green-fingered...

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