Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Trial by Fire

My latest published short story has hit the shelves! It can be found in the latest Big Finish Doctor Who short story anthology, Short Trips: Indefinable Magic. I've seen the other stories and there are some excellent ones in the collection which would be well worth getting a copy of even if it didn't have something by yours truly in it!

Here's some more information about the book as a whole...

An anthology of brand new Doctor Who short stories that weave a spell over the wonder that is Doctor Who.

A plot to kidnap Elvis Presley...
A woman whose horoscopes prove rather too accurate...
A devastating army of mythical beasts that conquers Britain...

The Doctor and his travelling companions live magical lives – but their lives are tainted by terror. Delve into bizarre, wondrous or simply horrifying worlds with the Doctor and his friends as they land on a world where everyone can fly, help a good friend trapped four centuries in the past, and face aliens that simply want to bring peace to humanity.


What Has Happened to the Magic of Doctor Who? by Gareth Roberts
Phoenix by James Goss
The Power Supply by Eddie Robson
Favourite Star by Ian Farrington
Hiccup In Time by Matthew James
Shamans by Steve Lyons
The Fall of the Druids by David N Smith
Priceless Junk by Cavan Scott and Mark Wright
Have you Tried Turning it off and then Back On Again? by John Callaghan
The Reign Makers by Gareth Wigmore
Pass It On by Simon Guerrier
The Science of Magic by Michael Rees
Hello Goodbye by Jim Sangster
Trial By Fire by Mike Amberry
Death Sentences by Stephen Hatcher
Once Upon a Time Machine by Stephen Dunn
Mardi Gras Massacre by Arnold T Blumberg
Blessed are the Peacemakers by Caleb Woodbridge

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